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Warning risk of fire caused by welding

In the process of cutting metal welder, the particles melt at temperatures above 1,000...

Nearly 80% of the bar, karaoke in Hanoi insufficient escape exits

Nearly 1,000 karaoke, bar, disco, club does not guarantee escape exits, according to the...

5-storey apartment buildings and older must have a fire control design

From 15/9, 20 types of projects to be police department fire prevention and fire design...

Assume lightning Dung Quat oil refinery.

With lightning scenario combustible gas tank, 3/10 morning, hundreds of police and...

Skills escape house fire

Observing the scene seven people died in a fire in the city 16/9 morning, rescue workers...

Fires burned candle manufacturing facility

20/12 afternoon, three fire trucks and dozens of officers and soldiers were mobilized to...

Setting the room with the fire exits

The architect says windows, balconies, skylights, entrance climb tank ... if kept in mind...

Experience fire protection, escape for residents of tall buildings

Tall buildings in general, high-rise condominiums in particular are both tall buildings....